I was featured on Brenda Scruggs’ blog as part of a series of Business Women interviews. Thanks Brenda!

Many Hats of a Lady


For the month of January, I am featuring Business Women. Women who have started their own business and would like to share their journey of how and why they chose their enterprise. These ladies offer insight and encouragement on starting a business making it a reality and not just a dream.

Today, I am featuring Eileen McKenna. She works in Graphic Design and Marketing. She also has a Painting and Illustration blog.

Welcome Eileen!

  1. Tell a little about yourself and your business.

I live in the suburbs of New York City, not far from the beach, with my husband and three kids. In college, I majored in business, and then went to work at an ad agency. Even though I was working at an ad agency, I longed to be in the art department. So, I began studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. This lead to…

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Looking to be more efficient in the new year?

mosttimeI especially liked these tips from Joelle Jay, Ph.D.:

  • Do It. Stop pushing around a task and do it now.
  • Delete It. Some things do not require your response.
  • Delegate It. As often as possible, pass a task on to someone else
  • Decide on It. Make a decision. Move on.
  • Date It. Choose when you’ll give items your time and attention.

Read the complete post “Make the Most of Your Time. Keep Your Workday Sanity” by Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D. here


Brenda kicks off her interviews of entrepreneurial woman by telling us about herself.

Many Hats of a Lady


Featuring Business Women for the month of January.

I believe in encouraging others with their skills just as others has helped me. I will be featuring business women, to encourage others to push forward. A sort of paying it forward.

  1. Tell a little about yourself and your business?

I am Brenda Scruggs. I am an Author and I love writing. I began writing several years ago, but became discouraged when I initiated queries. But, stories kept developing in my thoughts and I put my fingers to the keys, pressing out interesting character’s, intense circumstances with a hint of romance. My character’s sometimes impress me with their outcome since they are steadfast and strong-willed. It’s interesting to see the story develop and how each one faces the outcome with faith not backing down.

  1. Why did you decide to launch the type business that you did?

In high school, I enrolled in…

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Use a Measuring Goal

RaNae Merrill Studio

Goals give me stress.

All the books say “Give yourself a deadline” and “Set smaller interim goals.” The problem is, often I don’t know how much time or effort it’s going to take to reach the goal, so really my goal is just a stab in the dark, which is pretty much useless. I have Absolutely No Idea How To Get It Done On Time. If the time is too short, I end up working day and night and hate that I have no life. If the time is too long, I put it off until the time is too short.

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What I learned from 30 days of Facebook posting


Back in May business was slow. Up until that point, I mainly posted on Facebook new projects. Without any new projects I only posted once or twice that month. In the past I’ve gotten solid leads from Facebook, so I knew I needed to start posting. But what to post?

Here’s what I learned:

  • Once you get started the ideas will start flowing. Once I started brainstorming, writing down lists, and writing posts, more and more ideas came.
  • Everything is connected. As I started writing FB posts, I was motivated to elaborate on many of the ideas and turn them into blog posts. The FB posts and blog posts became content for my monthly newsletter, as well as Instagram and Twitter posts. We can reuse our own content.
  • Know your audience. I learned what topics they responded to the most. I got a better idea of who they were and the best way to speak to them.
  • Visuals are important. Posts with an image perform better than ones without.
  • There is a lot of interesting content out there. You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Sharing interesting links provides value to your audience.
  • People like humor.
  • People like honesty and seeing the real person behind the business. One of my best performing posts was when I wrote about doing something that scared me – making cold calls.

Other things to remember:

  • Have a set mission statement in mind. Mine has always been to show people the kind of work I do and to show them the knowledge and expertise I have in the areas of graphic design, and social media and email marketing.
  • Plan, Batch, Schedule. It’s more efficient to prepare a bunch of posts at once than to write one daily. Read more about this here.

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Options for Selling Online


Thinking of Selling Online? Here are some options:

  1. Paypal “Buy Now” button. If you have a website and one product you’d like to sell, adding a paypal link is a fairly simple option. See sample here. (Paypal also offers a shopping cart option.)
  2. Online marketplace. There are online marketplaces – often within a category (i.e. Etsy/handmade stuff, Spoonflower/fabric designs) – where you can open a store and sell from there. If you have a website or blog make sure to link to your store. See sample here.
  3. Ecommerce platform. With tools like Shopify and BigCommerce, you can pick a theme and design a whole website and shopping cart, with many products. Plus you can access your site and make changes from anywhere. See sample here.

If you are computer savvy, you can set up any of these options. A designer/developer can help, especially with setting up a Shopify (or BigCommerce) site. Their themes can be customized to make your website uniquely yours.

For a more in-depth explanation of selling online options read “The Ultimate Selling Online Guide.”