I was featured on Brenda Scruggs’ blog as part of a series of Business Women interviews. Thanks Brenda!

Many Hats of a Lady


For the month of January, I am featuring Business Women. Women who have started their own business and would like to share their journey of how and why they chose their enterprise. These ladies offer insight and encouragement on starting a business making it a reality and not just a dream.

Today, I am featuring Eileen McKenna. She works in Graphic Design and Marketing. She also has a Painting and Illustration blog.

Welcome Eileen!

  1. Tell a little about yourself and your business.

I live in the suburbs of New York City, not far from the beach, with my husband and three kids. In college, I majored in business, and then went to work at an ad agency. Even though I was working at an ad agency, I longed to be in the art department. So, I began studying graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. This lead to…

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